How it all started

We have been friends since college days at IIT Kharagpur. In early 2020, Krishna mentioned that many of his friends have been asking him to take mock interviews for the companies he had worked in previously. Sashi said he felt very awkard asking not-so-close friends for mock interviews. Sid said his friends did not give him critical feedback, to avoid hurting him.

Thus started the proverbial startup itch. We set out to create a company that would solve our problems, and it has now evolved into something bigger than we started out with. With ExperTap, we want to let professionals get high quality advice, either to prepare for an interview or to solve a problem at work or to rise in their career or get guidance on any of the million things we grapple with daily.

Our Co-Founders

Siddhartha Pandey (Sid)

Sid is a core entrepreneur at heart. He comes with 14+ years of experience across Retail, B2B and Financial sectors. He is a mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur and a certified CFA and FRM charter holder.

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Krishna Mogallapu (KP)

KP comes with an extremely rich product management experience with Amazon, FaceBook and Uber. He is a computer science engineer from IIT Kharagpur, MBA from IIM Lucknow and MS in Software Engineering from Carneige Melon University (CMU). k

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Sashidhar Vemuri (Sashi)

Sashi comes with operations and strategy consulting background. In his previous stints, Sashi worked as VP – Operations Excellence for OYO Japan, and as Senior Manager Management Consulting at Accenture Strategy. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur and INSEAD.

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